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Linda / Patient

Linda suffered from chronic low back pain for over three years and felt like nothing could help her until she opted for treatment with spinal decompression in Albany, New York under the care of Dr. Claude Guerra. Spinal decompression stopped her pain.


Mike / Patient

Mike had back issues for over a year and came to Dr. Guerra as a last resort to end his chronic low back pain. His pain level went from a 10 to Zero after treatment with spinal decompression at Guerra Family Chiropractic


Linda / Patient

Linda suffered from a disc in her neck and after treatment with spinal decompression is pain free

Barbra / Patient

Barbra suffered from sciatica or chronic pain down the legs caused by a pinched nerve in the lower lumbar region. With the help of Dr. Claude Guerra, she is back to being active and doing what she loves

Success Story / Patient

After being out of work for 3 months and out of options, this patient gave spinal decompression a try and was help more than any other treatment she tried


Success Story / Patient

After pain from a disc and various modalities this patient tried spinal decompression and now can sleep throught the night without pain and walk without pain.


Lee / Patient

Lee suffered from severe chronic low back pain and after treatment with spinal decompression is pain free.

Success Story / Patient

After suffering from with chronic low back pain sfter a herniated disc this patient sought help from Dr. Claude Guerra and is now completley pain free!

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Had herniated disk operation 8 years ago another disc became herniated. Doctor wanted to operate have arthritis from 1st one (did not want to go under knife again) very grateful to DRX 9000 (thank you Dr. Guerra) Very happy camper
Raymond F
Niskayuna, NY Age 55

This treatment was a miracle for my cervical disk herniations. Only other alternative was surgery, which I no longer have to face.
William I
Schenectady, NY Age 63

I was told by a doctor I wouldn't be able to work. I cannot afford to not work so I tried Dr. Guerra, and not only did the pain go away but I never missed a day at work.
Rick S
Clifton Park Age 42

I would love to shake the hand of the person who invented this machine. It was a life saver for me and a lot better than going under the knife. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with chronic back pain.
Dawn H
Colonie, NY Age 49

Before the DRX 9000 treatment. I had no quality of life. Couldn't do anything for myself. Thank God for Dr. and the DRX machine. I can live again.
Yvette K
Schenectady, NY Age 47

I suffered for three years, before I received treatment on the DRX 9000. Today, I can sleep and get out of bed like a normal human being. Before, I couldn't even drive my car because the pain in my hips, legs and feet were so bad from the sciatica nerve being pinched by my Herniated Disc L4 and L5, which also prevented me from sitting in a chair or even using my computer lap top at any time. Today things have changed due to advance technology therapy on the DRX 9000. They always try to regulate the treatments that work. What is up with this taught process???? The world is changing and so have I.
Frank A
Troy, NY Age 52

Before receiving the DRX treatments, my quality of life was very poor. I could hardly do anything other than going to work and going to bed. After the DRX treatments my quality of life has improved 90% which has resulted in me being able to go for long walks without a cane and go shopping.
Anne P
Burnt Hills, NY Age 70

I am so appreciative of this method of therapy because when I came to the office I had to use a cane and had muscle pain in walking. After 2nd treatment sciatica nerve pain was gone in my left leg.
Judith W
Albany, NY Age 64

Prior to this treatment my only options appeared to be invasive pain management, or surgery. After receiving 24 sessions on the DRX, I am markedly improved, relatively pain free and am able to function as I had in previous years. Highly recommend to anyone with disc issues.
Alan P
Scotia, NY Age 53

I would choose this therapy again! Painless treatment that gets your life back to normal. Stick with it - it works!
Linda G
Broadalben, NY Age 53

I am so happy I came to Dr. Guerra. I was in a lot of pain and after being on the DRX I tell you I do not have pain. I feel wonderful andthe staff are very nice. Dr. Guerra is wonderful. If you are inpain try the DRX it really helps.
Edith C
Schenectady, NY Age 71

I think more people should know about this procedure before considering any surgery. Medications help the pain but they don't cure the cause. I am back to my old self again.
Lorraine B
Scotia, NY Age 78

I highly recommend this machine. I had my doubts but it really and truly works. Dr. Guerra is a wonderful doctor and his staff is great too.
Linda D
Clifton Park, NY Age 46

I was extremely skeptical at the beginning of treatments - Progess was slow in coming - But... then it worked! What a relief!!!
Joan K
Delmar, NY Age 71

I had no where else to go with this problem. The DRX 9000 was just what I needed. Many thanks!
Burton S
Mechanicville, NY Age 50

I would definitely refer people to your office. Dr. Guerra and his staff have made this experience a pleasure.
Ed H
Hoosick Falls, N Age 70

Pain free, numbness in the left foot is gone. DRX 9000 is GREAT and does work.
Sal L
Niskayuna, N Age 50

I'm able to go on long walks and get all night sleep (I've had 3 surgeries since 2006) Without the DRX I would be in for a 4th back surgery. I'm getting back to doing activities with my 10 year old son.
Lisa V
Catskill, NY Age 45

I wish to thank you very much for all the help I received with the spinal decompression therapy. Your entire office was very helpful and compassionate. No longer do I sit at night with my heating pads, moving them from sore spot to sore spot. My knees are no longer on fire and I'm able to go up and down the stairs much easier than before.
Mabel D
Ballston Lake, NY Age 68

I had tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, and was in constant pain. I felt like I was in a fog all the time, with no energy, and lots of pain. I didn't want to go to work or participate in normal activities. The progress I have made since beginning spinal decompression is much less pain, more energy, the numbness is gone, and more zest for life!

I had terrible low back pain, that shot pains down my legs. I couldn't walk very far, and my right leg would give out under me. The back pain was so bad I had to try and sit, but was worse getting up. After being treated with the DRX9000, I have an unbelievable difference in what I can and can't do. Most days I have NO PAIN!!

I had an extruded, herniated disc in my low back. The pain was excruciating during episodes, and would last 1-2 weeks. In between my episodes I had to limit my activities. I tried biomechanics and chiropractic, but the medical doctors said my only option was surgery. After my DRX treatments, to date my pain is gone, and I am strengthening my back and have confidance. The staff has been professional and caring.

My lower back hurt all the time for the past three years. I couldn't stand or sit long, do any housework, or walk very far. I tried shots, physical therapy, and pain medications. After DRX9000, I'd say I feel 85% better. I can now do most everything I did before my back injury. The staff is great, friendly, and I don't have to wait for my treatments.

The pain got so bad in my lower back and legs I coudn't stand or walk without support or something to hold onto. At times, the pain was so intense all I could do was sit with ice to my back and just cry. My wife read the DRX9000 report I got in the mail, and I didn't believe it. Finally I decided it was my last hope for relief. The treatments were not painful, but so relaxing I would go to sleep on the machine. I felt better after each treatment, and eventually reached 80% correction!

I had a L5/S1 herniated disc, with numbness, tingling, burning, and severe radiating pain in my lower back and legs for 16 years. The pain was severely debilitating. Since beginning decompression care, I have zero pain in my lower legs. I am happier and move normally. It was amazing how much i was emotionally strained from constant pain and did not realize it.

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